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 "We do not provide drinking water testing for communities as alleged in recent handouts in NC and are not associated with the company collecting water samples. Contact your water provider to verify test reports and beware of scams trying to sell water filtration systems using inaccurate testing methods."

 Analytical Laboratory Testing Services     "RTP Labs Study Reveals Biological Clock in Plants."  See our Lab News Page and

  • US and Foreign Imported Products Testing for Contamination, Toxic Chemicals, Pesticides, VOCs; Banned Substances, Product Purity.

  • Dietary Supplements & Botanical Products Testing for Amino Acids, Vitamins, active ingredients, contamination, herbal medicine testing, raw product verification. Agricultural Hemp Products testing to confirm THC free. Kratom Products Testing. 1,3-DMAA & 1,4-DMAA Testing by LC/MS.

  • Pharmaceutical Testing: Residual solvents, controlled substances adulteration, incineration & destruction studies of drugs, active ingredients testing.

  • Indoor Air, Ambient & Sources (Stack Gases), VOC Vapor Intrusion, Dissolved Gases in Groundwater, Landfill Gases, Fracking Air Emissions, Pesticides, Perfluorooctanonic Acid (PFOA) & Fluorinated Telomers, Phthalates, PCBs, Isocyanates, Semivolatile Organics, Siloxanes, Particulates, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM Test Methods.

  • "Green Building" and LEED chemical emissions testing using ASTM D5116 "Environmental Chambers" and the California's Section 01350 "School Building Specifications" methods for organic solvents, formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone, particulates.

  • Custom Projects and R & D.  Lab Instruments: GC/MS; HPLC/PDA/MS; GC/FID; GC/TCD; GC/FPD; GC/ECD; Polarized Light Microscopy/FL; Polarimeter; FT-IR.

RTP Labs is compliant with ISO 17025 Standard for laboratories, is a State of Pennsylvania Registered Laboratory and Federal Drug Enforcement Agency & North Carolina controlled substances registered analytical laboratory for all schedules.

Contract Analytical Laboratory Services for Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Dietary Supplements, and Manufacturing Industries

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Air Testing Methods

Air Toxics Laboratory

RTP Laboratories provides air  toxics analytical services in support of a wide range of methods required by EPA and other regulatory agencies. Services include:

  • Air testing methods by EPA, NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM, CARB and NCASI
  • UL 867 Air Cleaner Device Testing for Ozone Emissions, 24 hr test.
  • ASTM D5116 Small Chamber Testing.
  • European Computer Manufactures Association Test Method ECMA 328 for VOCs, Ozone, particulate emissions from printers & copiers.
  • State of California Building Specification Section 1350 "Standard Practice for Testing VOC Emissions using Small Scale Environmental Chambers".
  • Clean Air Act Amendments Title III Hazardous Air Pollutants list capabilities
  • Volatile Organic Compounds by GC/MS; GCs with multi-detectors

  • Particle sizing and weight determination using microbalance and identification by visible microscopy with color photos

  • Semi-volatiles (phenols, amines, PAHs, phthalates by GC/MS, GC/ECD, HPLC/PDA)

  • Pesticides and PCBs by GC/ECD,  GC/FPD,  GC/NPD

  • Drugs of Abuse in Air by GC/MS.

  • Chloride and Fluoride by ion selective electrodes

  • Ambient air (TO) & Indoor air (IP) Methods

  • Stack samples using M-18, 202, 305, 308, 316, and aldehydes methods

  • Landfill gas using M-3C, M-15, MM-18, TO-15, Siloxanes in-house GC/MS method

  • Process liquid, gas and waste samples analysis

  • Soil vapor sample analysis and intrusion into living environments

  • Control technology efficiency testing sample analysis

  • Natural Attenuation testing using RSK-175 for dissolved gases in ground water

  • Odor complaints testing for sulfurs, amines, VOCs, New Microbial VOCs Method w/full scan GC/MS Ion Trap technology for pptv levels

  • Field & bench scale exposure assessments; chamber testing of material emissions

  • Audit sample preparation & certification

  • Custom methods development

Air Sampling Media & Equipment

  •  SUMMA canisters available for sampling

  •  Digital gauges & flow regulators for sampling

  •  Tedlar bags (also treated for sulfur stability); Teflon bags; portable pumps

  •  XAD-2 resin & PUF cartridges

  •  Impinger solutions

  •  EPA Methods 0030, 0031 VOST tubes; EPA Method TO-17 Stainless Steel Sorbent tubes.

  •  Sorbent tubes for M-18; M18 spiked tubes

  •  Polyethylene glycol (PEG) cleaned for sampling using EPA Method 305

  •  Filters for dust and particulate sampling

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