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 "We do not provide drinking water testing for communities as alleged in recent handouts in NC and are not associated with the company collecting water samples. Contact your water provider to verify test reports and beware of scams trying to sell water filtration systems using inaccurate testing methods."

 Analytical Laboratory Testing Services     "RTP Labs Study Reveals Biological Clock in Plants."  See our Lab News Page and

  • US and Foreign Imported Products Testing for Contamination, Toxic Chemicals, Pesticides, VOCs; Banned Substances, Product Purity.

  • Dietary Supplements & Botanical Products Testing for Amino Acids, Vitamins, active ingredients, contamination, herbal medicine testing, raw product verification. Agricultural Hemp Products testing to confirm THC free. Kratom Products Testing. 1,3-DMAA & 1,4-DMAA Testing by LC/MS.

  • Pharmaceutical Testing: Residual solvents, controlled substances adulteration, incineration & destruction studies of drugs, active ingredients testing.

  • Indoor Air, Ambient & Sources (Stack Gases), VOC Vapor Intrusion, Dissolved Gases in Groundwater, Landfill Gases, Fracking Air Emissions, Pesticides, Perfluorooctanonic Acid (PFOA) & Fluorinated Telomers, Phthalates, PCBs, Isocyanates, Semivolatile Organics, Siloxanes, Particulates, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM Test Methods.

  • "Green Building" and LEED chemical emissions testing using ASTM D5116 "Environmental Chambers" and the California's Section 01350 "School Building Specifications" methods for organic solvents, formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone, particulates.

  • Custom Projects and R & D.  Lab Instruments: GC/MS; HPLC/PDA/MS; GC/FID; GC/TCD; GC/FPD; GC/ECD; Polarized Light Microscopy/FL; Polarimeter; FT-IR.

RTP Labs is compliant with ISO 17025 Standard for laboratories, is a State of Pennsylvania Registered Laboratory and Federal Drug Enforcement Agency & North Carolina controlled substances registered analytical laboratory for all schedules.

Contract Analytical Laboratory Services for Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Dietary Supplements, and Manufacturing Industries

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Air Testing Methods

Product Testing Laboratory

RTP Labs conducts unique testing of various products in our custom designed and constructed chambers.  RTP Labs tests products for toxic compounds, odors, particulates, solvents, ozone production, flow characteristics and temperature.  Small or large chamber sizes are chosen to meet the objectives of the project.

Sustainable Building Products and Materials Testing Services
Low emitting VOC products have become required specifications in government building specifications and in consumer products.  Many consumer products are now being made for sustainable and environmentally friendly uses.  These products need to be tested to verify that they meet the specifications for low emissions of VOCs, and do not contain banned or harmful substances.  The US EPA, State of Washington, and the more recent State of California "Section 01350" procedures are used to determine emission concentrations and emission factors for Very Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs and SemiVOCs for products used in buildings.  ASTM D5116 Standard test method is used to test product emissions for "green building" and sustainable building design specifications. These tests can be from 24 hr to 96 hr tests with a required conditioning time of 10 days for the California method with Prop 65 listed chemicals to be tested with specified QA/QC procedures.  Variations of the testing conditioning times and testing intervals may vary depending on the specific customer needs.
European Computer Manufactures Association Test Method-328 Testing Services
European Union standards are requiring environmental declarations of products.  The ECMA 328 Method uses ASTM D5116-97 Standard for product emissions testing by manufactures of printers, faxes and copier computer products that use an electrostatic process.   Emission factors of Very Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs, ozone and particulates from these products are determined after a 4 hr conditioning period followed by 1,2,4,6,8 hr interval sampling.  Other products also require testing for hazardous chemicals content using regulatory test methods.
Toy Industry Testing Services
ASTM and European Union Test Methods are used to determine emissions from toys for potential exposure to children.  The complete toy is placed in the chamber and tested for volatile organic compounds, styrene-butadiene monomers and phthalates in a controlled environment of humidity, air exchange rates, temperature.  This type of testing is more representative of true exposures from a product.  In addition, we also perform screening tests using headspace and thermal desorption methods.
Air Cleaning Equipment Certifications
A 4 cubic meter chamber is used to evaluate the removal efficiency of home air cleaning devices and filter systems.  The chamber has HEPA & charcoal filtered air moving capability to simulate a typical home exchange rate.  Multiple sampling points can be used to establish a 3D concentration grid of the pollutant behavior around the device within the chamber.  Known concentrations of tobacco smoke, pollen, sulfur gases, formaldehyde, solvents, and other typical household pollutants can be introduced into the chamber.  For ion generators and germicidal UV type lamps, we can also measure the ozone output  from the device.
Testing of Microwaved Prepared Foods and Packaging
Consumer products such as microwave foods can be tested for VOCs, phthalates, polyfluorinated alcohols, PCBs, PAHs, pesticides and other compound emissions into the air during preparation.
Industrial & Products
Raw and finished products and solvents are tested for purity and impurity identification.  Dietary supplements, pesticide formulations, drugs, and gases can be analyzed for regulatory and R &D purposes.
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