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 "We do not provide drinking water testing for communities as alleged in recent handouts in NC and are not associated with the company collecting water samples. Contact your water provider to verify test reports and beware of scams trying to sell water filtration systems using inaccurate testing methods."

 Analytical Laboratory Testing Services     "RTP Labs Study Reveals Biological Clock in Plants."  See our Lab News Page and

  • US and Foreign Imported Products Testing for Contamination, Toxic Chemicals, Pesticides, VOCs; Banned Substances, Product Purity.

  • Dietary Supplements & Botanical Products Testing for Amino Acids, Vitamins, active ingredients, contamination, herbal medicine testing, raw product verification. Agricultural Hemp Products testing to confirm THC free. Kratom Products Testing. 1,3-DMAA & 1,4-DMAA Testing by LC/MS.

  • Pharmaceutical Testing: Residual solvents, controlled substances adulteration, incineration & destruction studies of drugs, active ingredients testing.

  • Indoor Air, Ambient & Sources (Stack Gases), VOC Vapor Intrusion, Dissolved Gases in Groundwater, Landfill Gases, Fracking Air Emissions, Pesticides, Perfluorooctanonic Acid (PFOA) & Fluorinated Telomers, Phthalates, PCBs, Isocyanates, Semivolatile Organics, Siloxanes, Particulates, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM Test Methods.

  • "Green Building" and LEED chemical emissions testing using ASTM D5116 "Environmental Chambers" and the California's Section 01350 "School Building Specifications" methods for organic solvents, formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone, particulates.

  • Custom Projects and R & D.  Lab Instruments: GC/MS; HPLC/PDA/MS; GC/FID; GC/TCD; GC/FPD; GC/ECD; Polarized Light Microscopy/FL; Polarimeter; FT-IR.

RTP Labs is compliant with ISO 17025 Standard for laboratories, is a State of Pennsylvania Registered Laboratory and Federal Drug Enforcement Agency & North Carolina controlled substances registered analytical laboratory for all schedules.

Contract Analytical Laboratory Services for Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Dietary Supplements, and Manufacturing Industries

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Company Profile     

We are dedicated to technical excellence, high quality analytical support, and customer satisfaction. We have an established client base of over 200 companies and over 45 years of experience in analytical chemistry, environmental science, biochemistry, natural product testing .  We are scientists that support many industries in the environmental, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, dietary supplements, chemical and other manufacturing areas.  Our expertise is in air toxics testing for hazardous and cancer causing chemicals in products, pollution sources, landfill gases, ambient and indoor air, and pesticide/herbicide testing.  In the dietary supplements, herbal/botanical nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical industries we perform testing for active compound purity, identification of impurities, stability, cleaning validations, controlled substances and special projects.   For manufacturing industries, we test products to support their research & development and regulatory testing activities.

Our laboratory also tests industrial and consumer products for a variety of client needs.  We provide chemical emissions testing of building materials, office equipment, printers, toys,  microwavable food and its packaging; paper products; fabrics, printing inks; foam insulation products; adhesives; and pest control devices.  We also test air cleaner devices for removal efficiencies of particulate and odors in specially fabricated chambers and rooms using ASTM methods and ozone production using UL procedures. 

Our DEA Registration allows us to work with controlled substances and perform R & D and customized testing for our clients.

Our lab is unique because we can do the unusual analytical projects that routine labs will not tackle.  Those that require method modifications, validations, Research & Development, bench scale studies, attention to detail, focus, and years of experience.  We also have direct field sampling experience and help our clients by understanding their project objectives and goals.  We understand regulatory compliance requirements, QA/QC, sampling methods and data interpretation.  

  Principals of the Company

  • Principal Scientist with advanced degrees in botany, forestry, and plant physiology with 45 yrs experience in plant growth techniques, toxicology and analytical test methods.
  • Principal Chemist with 45 years experience in analytical methods development, sample prep, QA/QC and instrumental methods.

Research Triangle Park Laboratories Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and began full operations after spinning off from a division of Corning Inc. in 1997.

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